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Featured Author CHERI LOUGHLIN

Author of COCKTAILS WITH A TRYST Q: Who inspired you the most to write COCKTAILS WITH A TRYST? I am continually inspired by my daughters. [...]

Featured Author CHERI LOUGHLIN 2017-11-03T11:52:37+00:00


Rachel Giordano was born in Florence, Al in 1973. She has two older sisters and two half brothers. She has been married to her husband, [...]

Featured Author RACHEL GIORDANO 2017-11-03T11:52:37+00:00

Featured Author LOUISE LYNDON

Louise Lyndon grew up in country Victoria, Australia, before moving to England, where for sixteen years she soaked up the vibrancy of London and the [...]

Featured Author LOUISE LYNDON 2017-11-03T11:52:37+00:00


I have always been intigued with children's books and how their authors come up with their storyline. Today Maria Schell Burden answered questions that I [...]

Featured Author MARIA SCHELL BURDEN 2017-11-03T11:52:39+00:00


We recently asked Kewalnam to tell us about how and why he wrote his debut novel LILYRED and was surprised by how interesting his answers [...]

Featured Author KEWALNAM CHRIST 2017-11-03T11:52:42+00:00

Featured Author Pat Dennis

FROM Pat Dennis's website: Pat Dennis is the award-wining author of Hotdish To Die For -- a collection of six mystery short stories and 18 [...]

Featured Author Pat Dennis 2017-11-03T11:52:55+00:00

Featured Author Alex Kava

FROM Alex Kava's website: I got my first typewriter at age 7. I’ve been writing ever since. I spent 25 years as a newspaper editor [...]

Featured Author Alex Kava 2017-11-03T11:52:57+00:00

Featured Author Shane Gericke

I got my first typewriter at age 7. I’ve been writing ever since.  I spent 25 years as a newspaper editor and reporter, writing [...]

Featured Author Shane Gericke 2017-11-03T11:52:58+00:00

Featured Author G.M. Barlean

FROM G.M. Barlean's website: I write under the name, G. M. Barlean. G. M. is for Gina Marie—my real name. I grew up on a [...]

Featured Author G.M. Barlean 2017-11-03T11:52:58+00:00