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Spelunking is not one of Lorna McHaley’s favorite hobbies, but she lets her fiancée drag her into the confines of an eerie cave anyway. When she runs into a colony of bats, she is left injured and questions what really happened in the depths of that underground chamber.

The traumatic incident haunts her waking hours and floods her dreams. Disquieting nightmares disrupt every facet of her life, especially her relationship with her best friend, Paige.

Her nightmares start coming true and Lorna fears some sort of future-seeing ability has fallen upon her as a result of the cave incident. She finds herself powerless and unable to stop the monster in her dreams from committing vile murders in real life.

With Lorna on the verge of a breakdown, Paige must uncover the truth about her mysterious dreams. When she does, it could mean betraying her best friend and sending her into ruin.



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