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*** .99¢ ON SALE THRU 9/18/2014 ***  Dance for A Dead Princess is both a modern and a medieval love story that unfolds as the main characters solve an intriguing and deadly mystery. The modern story kicks off the book. Nicholas Carey, international financier and holder of one of the oldest dukedoms in England, is determined to expose the killer of his long-time friend and confident, Princess Diana. To the world, Nicholas knows he is every woman’s Prince Charming. But his heart says he is anything but. He is still grieving the death of his wife, the most beautiful woman in England, many years ago. Nicholas and Diana spent many nights commiserating over their failed marriages; and the loss of the princess, his beloved confidant, has only deepened his grief over the many losses in his life.

Nicholas discovers that Taylor Collins, a Wall Street attorney, has a video tape that Diana made to expose her killer. He lures Taylor to England with a promise to sell his ancestral home, Burnham Abbey, to one of her clients, a finishing school for girls. Although Nicholas is immediately drawn to Taylor’s beauty, charm and intelligence, she dislikes him on sight. She is still in love with the fiancé who left her at the altar a few months earlier. She sees Nicholas as a shallow, spoiled aristocrat, and she wants to get the sale of the Abbey over with in a hurry, so she can fly back to her life in New York.

But while Taylor is at Burnham Abbey, where Nicholas’ drug-addicted ward Lucy is under the care of a private psychiatric nurse, the inner medieval love story unfolds. Taylor finds the diary of Thomas Carey, the first duke, who was a knight at the court of Henry VIII. As Taylor reads Thomas’ own words pouring out his love for Elizabeth, who is the woman he would willingly give his life for, she sees many of the same traits of deep love and loyalty in Nicholas. She begins to understand Nicholas is not the shallow womanizer he appears to be. He is tormented not only by his wife’s death, but by his guilt over the failure of their marriage and his failure with his ward.

The modern and medieval stories come together in a shocking and surprising climax when Lucy is found dead, Nicholas is arrested for her murder, and Taylor finds Diana’s tape, which does, indeed, explain her death.



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