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Featured Author G.M. Barlean

//Featured Author G.M. Barlean

Featured Author G.M. Barlean

FROM G.M. Barlean’s website:

I write under the name, G. M. Barlean. G. M. is for Gina Marie—my real name. I grew up on a farm by a small town—365 people–in Nebraska. I went to college in Lincoln, Nebraska, then married my husband Steve and started my adult life living in a bigger small town—2,500–David City, Nebraska.

Apparently, I will live in Nebraska my entire life. Luckily for me, it is a good life.

Farm and small town life has given me plenty of fodder for essays and fiction. There is a character in most of us, given the right amount of artistic license.

I’ve been many things including a professional photographer, a leadership trainer, a chamber of commerce director, and an Opera House manager. Most importantly, I’m a child of God, mother of a son and daughter, wife of a farmer, daughter of parents who no longer share a place on this earth with me, a sister with three siblings, a person fortunate enough to have friends… and, I am a writer.

I am a member of, and the Membership Chairperson for, The Nebraska Writers Guild, a non-profit writing organization created in 1925 by Nebraska Authors including Mari Sandoz, Willa Cather, Bess Streeter Aldrich and John G. Neihardt. I am also a member of two critique groups: The Local Muse in Seward, Nebraska, and The Omaha Night Writers in Omaha, Nebraska. I have independently published five books since 2012.

Please visit Gina’s website , MOMMENTS OF CLARITY to enjoy more of her writings.

G.M. Barlean’s books are available thru AMAZON, B&N and SMASHWORDS.

G.M. Barlean