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We recently asked Kewalnam to tell us about how and why he wrote his debut novel LILYRED and was surprised by how interesting his answers are. There’s a definate message here for aspiring and published writers. Enjoy.


TheBookDork: Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?
Kewalnam Christ: There are many messages intertwined in this novel, but the most prevalent is freedom.This book is a visual snapshot of where we are as a people. It’s the rage of our subconscious,a and it’s screaming at us, for change, it’s begging us for evolution.

TheBookDork: Who inspired you the most to write this book?
Kewalnam Christ: I can’t say their was a specific person who inspired this, every news article of injustice I read happening around the world, every victim, every individual I came across has inspired this story, it’s about all of us, that’s what makes it so unique.

TheBookDork:  How long did it take for you to write this book?
Kewalnam Christ: It took, 3 years for me to write this story, I wrote it three different ways, and then rewrote it a fourth time combining all the alternate versions until I had one complete visual.

TheBookDork: How did you get started with writing this story (as in, how did you start developing the story, how did you get inspired for it)
Kewalnam Christ: I was watching a 10 minute documentary, for one of my favorite albums of all time “Watch the Throne” the vibes I got from it, inspired me to create something on that level of impact. I had gone to theaters to see Dark Knight Rises, and when I came home after the film and used my bathroom the idea, hit me. So i started studying various religions, and ancient texts both hidden and public, started watching and studying such films as: The Devil’s Advocate, Fight Club, Black Swan, Inception, Runaway, and Lars Von Trier films. I studied my favorite albums and the emotions each song made me feel, such albums as: Kanye West “Yeezus”, Kid Cudi “Man on the Moon 1 & 2”, Frank Ocean “Channel, Orange”, & Willow Smith records. I also listen to a lot of Led Zeppelin, Thome York, & Bon Iver!

TheBookDork: Did you have any goals for this book when you wrote it — to get published, or just to finish, etc.?
Kewalnam Christ: Yes, we still have a lot of goals, some we’ve met and others we are just seeing the light of, we want to hold art exhibitions for the novel, a clothing line based off the characters, and of course a film with a soundtrack, so this is only the beginning.

TheBookDork: Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?
Kewalnam Christ: Write what you WANT to write, stop following trends, ignore what’s easy and go for the project that scares the living shit out of you. The project that makes feel naked overtime someone cracks open the cover. Fuck what the publishers say about you, follow your heart.

TheBookDork:  What are you working on now? What is your next project?
Kewalnam Christ: Right now all of our focus is on LILYRED, however we do have another project that will be coming out next year, don’t want to say too much about it, but I promise that it will be one of the greatest romance novels you ever read.

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