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Featured Author Shane Gericke | THEBOOKDORK.com

I got my first typewriter at age 7. I’ve been writing ever since. 

I spent 25 years as a newspaper editor and reporter, writing about everything from football games to Liberace concerts to Presidential visits to a skinny, bearded nudist who ran for political office (he didn’t win, alas), plus the occasional robbery and fire. I eventually landed as a senior financial editor at the Chicago Sun-Times, right at the time business coverage changed from suck-up profiles of advertisers to actual news: the multibillion-dollar passion plays of corporate raiding, bank collapses and Wall Street felonies. I cherished that noble profession, newspapering, and always will; it’s the lifeblood of our democracy. But 25 years seemed a natural point to go scratch the other itch I’ve had since childhood: writing thriller novels. So I left my guaranteed newspaper paycheck for the heady world of crime fiction.

Whereupon I launched a series… Learn more about Shane Gericke at his website



Shane Gericke | Featured Author | THEBOOKDORK.com

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