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amazon_greyIndependent publishing is the ticket for writers to get noticed and develop a base of readers. This Jump-Start Guide for Independent Publishing takes the guess work out of how to affordably publish books and articles. This is a second book in the Entrepreneurial First Step Guide series to help Jump-Start the entrepreneurial success. Writers can quickly and economically enter the market and take advantage of the latest technological advances. This no frills guide is practical and relevant for anyone who has written a book or article. The book explains independent publishing models, independent publishing services, how and when to use independent publishing professionals and step by step instructions on some of the more challenging aspects of eBook formatting.

Author Margaret Cook is always writing non-fiction for adults. She also has projects in Children’s Literature in process. Margaret has professional experience as a business owner, working in large corporations, working in education as well as developing and providing training. She has a private counseling practice and does life coaching by phone. She works with children in educational settings to facilitate achievement by working with teachers, parents and students. She is the owner of All She Writ Publishing Company.


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