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*** .99¢ ON AMAZON *** LILYRED is a metaphysical, metaphorical puzzle, a diverting reverie and a primal nightmare. Devoted to constructing a simulacrum of reality, intended on seducing and enlightening its readers. It’s an extravagantly abrasive novel full of grinding electro, pummeling minimalist hip-hop poetics, and industrial gear-grind. Intentionally off-putting, ranging in syntax and exploring ranges of literary, biblical, and political allusions that are major concerns in our current century.

The story begins with a Rothschild party, where the main character LILY makes her dramatic appearance, this golden eyed, red haired siren, has returned to the big apple in search of a love lost, Arkhon, a man she once belonged to. Torn in an eternal quest for love Lily returns to in order to put the final piece of her plan in place.

Meanwhile Shiloh’s fight for power has left his hands red with contempt staining his virgin bride with the sins of his hubris. His deal with the Rothschild’s and their regime has quenched his lust for power, but proves to be problematic as he deals with his own ideas of religion and power determined to use the Bible to subjugate and oppress society, at the expense of his wife’s sanity. Madeline, Shiloh’s wife, is carrying his child, while battling her own subconscious tormentors, alone and afraid. Her only mission is to protect her unborn child, at any cost, on the other side of town, cloaked in the darkness of his economic temple Apollyon sat, under the weight of crumbling empire. His publishing house hasn’t seen a bestseller in months, and he’s on the verge of being thrown off the board. When a red haired muse, seduces her way into his consciousness, promising him, truth, revolution, and power, all in the pages of a book, all he has to do is publish it.

However, as Apollyon begins to explore these pages he wrestles with the agenda behind the “truth” he was given and attempts to shed himself of the many “truths” the world has presented which only promotes separation between man and God. Through sex, violence, and shame he comes to the ultimate truth of unity and love.

LilyRed is story all about process, about fighting our way through enveloping sheets of our reality. Reality within dreams, dreams without reality, the novel is relevant today in the turbulent intellectual and political environment in which we exist. The viewer of the story is adrift in time and experience, all of the confusion of reality and dream come together in a grand exhilaration of towering passion. There is really only one place this can take us, and it does.




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