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Author & Book Promotion Service

Author & Book Promotion Services

TheBookDork.com magazine is an author & book promotion service provided by an international thriller writer and publisher, Deb Carlin. It is her intent to alleviate the marketing stress by providing an avenue at a fair price. Because she has been published Deb knows money is often limited. She believes whole-heartedly that all writers should get a chance to be discovered.

Let Deb Carlin and her team help you promote your  book by telling her real website visitors, Twitter followers, Facebook Fans about your book. TheBookDork can guarantee plenty of exposure and is definately cost-effective.

Currently we have over 2500+ Facebook Fans, 2531+ Twitter Fans, and 4450+ book reader opt-in emails.

Book Promotion

  • Website Post
  • Facebook Post
  • Twitter Post

The Book Dork Book Promotion

This package includes the following: 1)  a website post of your book, its description/summary and all the buy buttons at the various retailers. 2) It will be archived on our website for 90 days. And our posts have built in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for when people search via Google, Yahoo, etc., your name or book title.  3) We will post your book cover on Facebook & also tweet to Twitter your selling page.

Premier Book Promotion

$3500Best Value
  • Book Promotion plus the following
  • Featured Author Post
  • Front Page Carousel
  • Daily Deals Email Insert

The Book Dork PREMIER Promotion

In this package we do all of the Book Promotion package plus 3) add a Featured Author interview post where we ask you 5 questions that pertain to writing your book and also has buy buttons. Your Featured Author post is located on our front page and has it’s own individual archived post. 4) And we post this article to Facebook and Twitter.  5) We also add you to our main page book carousel with a link to your book post. And 6) one insert into the Daily Deals eMail that reaches over 4500+ TRUE opt-in fans

Just Email Promotion

  • Daily Email Deals


The Book Dork Daily Deals eMail Promotion

Your book will be scheduled into our Daily Deals email that goes out to 4500+ TRUE opt-in reader fans.

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